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Covid 19 Information

Hello to all dear friends and valued customers........as we all are experiencing this unprecedented time of quarantine and shelter at home directives due to the covid 19 virus, I just wanted to post a short note about the future of our upcoming sales. 

     At this time, all sales are postponed until such time as the shelter at home order has been lifted and it is deemed safe to return to normal activities.  However, our "new normal" may still require social distancing and protective measures. 

     Whatever the case, I am so looking forward to being back to work and to seeing you all again.  Please stay safe until such time.......Most Sincerely, Donna Tippit

PS>>>Please check back occasionally for additional updates as they become available.  We have several sales pending and they will be great ones!!!

********NEWS FLASH*******


I am pleased to announce that, with the some of the restrictions concerning the Covid 19 pandemic lifted, we have begun working on several sales and hope to have these sales ready for you by early to mid August!  This, of course, will depend on what restrictions may be in place by that time.

HOWEVER.....the safety of our clients, customers, and staff is our number 1 priority.  For everyone's benefit and protection, we will be implementing safety measures and guidelines outlined by the CDC.   

What does this mean?.....Simply, if you plan to attend a sale, please note that masks or other forms of face coverings  WILL BE REQUIRED before you will be admitted into the sale site...NO EXCEPTIONS.  We may also require temperature checks if it becomes necessary. 

Also, we may be limiting the number of shoppers in the home at one time dependent on the room we have to work with. Social distancing will be encouraged. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be readily available as well. You may be asked to voluntarily leave your name and contact number on a sign-up sheet in the event contact tracing is necessary.

 Although we will miss you...please, please stay home if you are sick or maybe just feeling a bit "off".  If you do stay home we hope you will feel better soon and will be fit and ready for our next sales.

 I understand that some may feel the above requirements may be a bit strict. And, believe me, I certainly wish they weren't necessary. We have been fortunate in this area not to have experienced the full impact of what this horrible virus is capable of doing to a community and the people who live there. We will be doing our part to keep everyone in attendance at our sales as safe as possible. 

Hopefully all will go well and we will be able to continue with a full sale schedule. You can look for future updates on this page. Thank you for your understanding and support......see you at the sales!!!

Best regards.......Donna Tippit

*******SALE UPDATE********
       Our first sale since the start of the covid pandemic is behind us.  We enjoyed three days of seeing old friends and making new ones.  I am so proud of all my shoppers!  Everyone "masked up" and respected the personal space of others. Only a very few (count on one hand) grumbled a bit but, never the less, donned their masks and joined in the fun!  
        Local covid active cases are still remaining low and we are still considered to be in a "slight risk" area.  We plan to have our next sales on schedule unless the covid situation takes a dire turn.  Mark us on your calendar and plan to attend our next sales. Be assured we are working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible


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